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Company Profile:
 Industrial Safety Storage Cabinets manufacturer and exporter

Changzhou Hefang Industrial Technology Co., Ltd., which is a
manufacturer and exporter for a wide ranges of Safety Storage Cabinets , which
are widely used for material handling equipment,safety equipment
,workplace safety equipment,industrial safety storage equipment,spill control equipment,warehouse safety storage solutions etc ,
for storing all kind of
dangerous substances and hazardous goods .
The product ranges contain
Flammable Storage Safety Cabinet, Corrosive Safety Storage
Cabinet, Combustible safety storage Cabinet,Toxic safety
Storage Cabinet,PP Corrosive Safety Storage Cabinet , Other
Safety Storage Cabinet and other metal storage lockers,cupboards and cages etc.
Our safety storage cabinets have been exporting to Australia, New zealand, Unitied states,Korea,Singapore,Malaysia ,Indonesia,
Israel,Vietnam,Mongolia,Russia, Spanish,South Africa ,England ,Canada etc.

Meanwhile, powerful Research and Develop
ment teams support the various needs the customers from all over
the world. They developed US standards of safety cabinets ,which
are in accordance with NFPA, FM, OSHA ,UL requirements.At the same
time, you can also get the AU standards of safety storage cabinets
which fully meet the Australian standards,such as AS1940
flammable storage cabinet,AS3780 corrosive storage cabinet and
so on.In latest, our team is also working on the developing
European standards of Safety Storage Cabinets which are complying
with EN.
Choosing Hefang,Choosing High Quality,Choosing Safety.

Please you can send us a email to
Call Us now: + 86 136 5611 3330(whats app)
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