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How to choose the suitable oil spill pallet and spill platfo
Author:Fabor Time:2016-09-27

How to choose the suitable oil spill pallet and spill platform?

I. Introduction

 Metalworking, machining, petrochemical, logistics center workshops, warehouses, laboratories are usually stored in oil drums, chemical barrels or a number of chemical containers. There are tons of barrels (IBC barrels), 55 gallons of standard barrels (usually said that the 200-liter oil drum is 55 gallons of standard barrels), 19 liters of small pails, barrels of stainless steel, iron, plastic and so on. These oil drums, chemical storage drums or other storage containers, reagent bottles for laboratory use, and storage batteries for factories are subject to leaks due to storage, use, or transport, or leakage due to aging or breakage, Filling spill occurred during the process, or for human reasons (turn, forklift puncture). The size of the leak is either large or small. If a full barrel of all leakage, should be a relatively large leak, some small drops, splash, although not a big leak, it should cause enough attention.,

The results of the first leakage of visually dirty liquid on the floor, polluting the work environment, affecting clean production, people look uncomfortable. Then there is the possibility of wrestling falls and other safety incidents, and then into the sewer or rain water, pollute the water and soil, the adverse impact on the environment, serious leakage of dangerous chemicals seriously endangering people's lives and property safety.,

Some of them will use some sand or rag to clean the polluted ground, and then put the waste into the trash; some will take measures to correct and positive measures to deal with these leakage of liquid, Adsorption of cotton, sand, rags are usually dealing with leakage of materials. But can not be ignored, the disposal of these wastes, nor low-carbon, environmentally friendly, need money, the need for cost. We need a right. Environmental, low-carbon, professional, and cost-effective way to deal with these waste.,

Of course, there is no leakage or leakage occurs as little as possible, is the best. Leakage of liquid can be recycled as much as possible, is the best. There is a need to take corrective action to prevent these possible daily occurrences of oil and chemicals, including hazardous chemical spills.,

oil spill pallet and spill platform is the most commonly used to prevent and control the oil chemical leakage tool.,

 Second, what is oil spill pallet and spill platform

 It is specially designed to prevent and control the leakage of oil drums and chemical barrels used in modern factories, warehousing, logistics, transportation, and other oil and chemical containers. It is a new type of plastic pallet products.,

spill leakage pallet also called anti-leakage pallet, anti-overflow pallet, oil drums, anti-leakage pallet, anti-spill pallet, spill Le card board, then oil pan. Called too much, but the essence is one, is oil spill pallet, the leak spill.,

EPA 40CFR264.175, as EPA's EPA, must contain 10% less leakage than the sum of individual storage and the total volume of all storage containers as a leak-proof, secondary containment device, spill pallet, and spill platform. , The two comparison of the larger. Four 55-gallon containers, four 55-gallon plus 220-gallons, 220-gallon 10-gallon, 22-gallon, 55-gallon, and 55-gallon single drums, respectively, are on top, US EPA regulations, spill Le pallet and spill spill platform spill capacity must be greater than 55 gallons. Some people say that my leak is a little bit, not so much, do not need such a large volume of leakage (this pallet to the height can be as low as possible, then the cost is low). But we need to take preventive measures, in extreme cases, all things may leak finished, but this is unlikely, resulting in significant increase in product costs (pallet spill volume, the pallet size needs to be large). With a probability of 10% more appropriate. It is entirely possible for a single container to leak completely. Compare, which is big with that, this is very reasonable, both effective prevention of possible leakage, it will not let the product manufacturing costs increase a lot.

In this case,

1, oil spill pallet

 oil spill pallet is essentially a can control the leakage, itself with a plastic drain pallet slot. Other functions and pallets, forklift slot (4 barrels square drain pallet can be used in four directions forklift operation), to store, carry, turnover of these oil drums, chemical barrels, all the leaks will flow into the drain tank, Will not flow to the ground. Of course, oil spill pallet can also turn the general cargo, but this is overkill.,

According to the oil spill pallet put a few 55 gallon barrels, put IBC container loading form, usually divided into two barrels oil spill pallet, four barrel oil spill pallet, IBC container drum oil spill pallet. General 4-barrel pallets are square, but sometimes in order to put on the wall, the better use of space, there are four barrels of linear spill pallet. 2 barrels oil spill pallet height of 43 cm in general, 4 barrels spill Le pallet height of 2, one is 43 cm, a 30 cm. 30 cm height of the oil spill pallet, commonly known as 4 barrels of shallow spill pallet. The higher the height of the drain pallet, under normal circumstances, the greater the effective volume of the leak tank, the greater the amount of liquid storage leakage.,

IBC Containers are used to store and transport the usual IBC drums, which are tons of barrels. The IBC container drain pallet has a very large capacity. The system itself is equipped with a 5-gallon pail holder, which facilitates quick and easy dispensing. Can be operated by forklift. Can be stacked 2 IBC tons of barrels.,

oil spill pallet has its own supporting slope, slope can be universal, making the chemical storage barrels move up and down to become easy, fast and simple.,

High-strength, removable detachable leak-proof isolation plate for easy cleaning and disassembly can also be replaced.,

Drain holes, also known as the sewage outfall, can drain the liquid in the tank. Most of the liquid can be recycled.,

In this case,

2, spill spill platform

 spill leakage platform height than the general spill pallet low, generally only 15 cm, so called the platform. Due to the low height, the spill platform can be part of the factory floor, saving space and improving safety and efficiency, making it easier to move down the oil drums and chemical buckets.,

According to the number of 55 gallon oil drums loaded, there are generally 2 barrels of spill leakage platform, 4 barrels of spill leakage platform, 6 barrels of leakage platform, 8 barrels of leakage platform.,

Under normal circumstances, spill spill platform for storing oil drums, chemical barrels, etc., do not have to handle the turnover of these containers. On the workshop, play a role in the platform, people can carry out a variety of operations (extraction of oil, filling, packaging, etc.). Under normal circumstances, spill spill platform short, there is no forklift slot. But with the progress of technology and engineering, 15 cm forklift groove below also has a transparent forklift slot, in the no-load can be used forklift operation, stacking, packing, mobile forklift slot sink platform is very convenient. However, full barrels of chemical barrels, because the strength is not enough (forklift slot height is generally 8-9 cm), generally can not operate with forklifts, there may be insufficient strength problem.,

And oil spill pallet, spill spill platform also has the same grille, but also supporting the slope and drainage holes. spill leakage platform accessories also have connection buckle, can be independent of the spill leak platform locked up, can not be relatively active to form a truly stable and reliable workstation.,

 Third, the choice of oil spill pallet and spill platform need to consider 15 issues

 1, what should be stored in the oil chemical containers? spill leakage pallet material can corrosion-resistant?,

Under normal circumstances, oil spill pallet material is polyethylene. Polyethylene has a very wide range of oil resistance chemicals, that is, under normal circumstances, the general chemical will not have corrosion problems. However, if it is a special chemical such as aqua regia and strong acid mixture, especially the storage temperature is relatively high, so, we must examine the spill the corrosion resistance of the pallet. In addition, you also need to consider whether you are temporary storage or long-term storage? Of course, different manufacturers of oil spill pallet chemical resistance, how many there will be some differences. If the thickness of the pallet spill spill, reasonable design (residual internal stress is small), without any cracks or defects, although the same material, but the resistance to chemical corrosion will be better.,

Some manufacturers oil spill pallet is PVC, this material is very poor chemical resistance, it is best not to use. Iron pallet capability of general lubricants, metal processing oil, but for many chemicals or corrosive oil, iron material is not alright.,

2, the number of containers to be stored (such as 55 gallons drums) the number of the total weight of how spill pallet and spill platform bearing the weight can;

For example, to store four 55-gallon pails, choose four pails or four pails, or two 2-pound drains or two pail drains.,

3. How many containers, such as a 55-gallon drum, should be stored and how large are the sizes and sizes of the drain and spill platforms? It is possible to know what type of spill pallet or platform is selected by calculation, and all containers are stored in the effective area of ​​the spill pallet or platform (should not contain the edges of the pallets or platforms). oil spill pallet capacity is not enough? Some domestic manufacturers, in this regard 2, there is no test, that is, simple copying of people's data, is irresponsible behavior. You need to keep your eyes open and ask him to improve the experimental data and formal testing reports.,

4, the storage of containers need to move frequently, oil spill pallet and spill platform can use forklift operation;

This problem is very important, do not need to move often move, it is generally enough to spill platform. If you want to move often, we must use oil spill pallet.,

5, storage containers placed in the space of the size of the space, the need to choose the word lined straight drain pallet; whether to put on the shelf?,

The absolute choice of what kind of spill Le pallet or platform or other spill products (see below).,

6, this pallet is not always on the outside? In other words, the barrel of chemical barrels because of security issues and other reasons, must be placed on the outside to be safe?,

This need to consider the use of oil drum storage cabinet. Shield-type anti-leaking oil drum storage cabinet to undertake the following is spill oil spill pallet, just above the pallet seems to build a house, coupled with the lock, so safe, is a temporary security warehouse. Roller shutter can be opened from 2 sides, oil tank is very easy access. The overall material anti-aging, sun-resistant rain and anti-dust, safe and reliable.,

7, spill pallet and spill leakage platform is placed somewhere in the temporary, and whether the need to select the collapsible storage and easy to carry spill Le liner (also called flexible oil spill pallet);

Temporary, can carry, folding, light was undoubtedly a drain leakage liner.,

8, the storage container (such as 55 gallons drums) the number is large, the need to select the foldable portable hold-type spill Le leakage embankment;

This seems to be a large capacity pallet or platform.,

9, there is no tanker or other truck drip problem, whether you need to choose to allow trucks to freely access, and can be folded to carry large anti-rolling button-type leaking drain embankment; an extension of the problem.,

10, is the laboratory reagent bottle splash-proof splash, cupboard container to prevent the dumping of small containers caused by leakage, you can use a small area of ​​laboratory leakage platform;

This is easy to understand. A small leakage platform can prevent the laboratory sub-assembly with the liquid, the cupboard beaker, the container leakage.,

11, in the transport or storage process, the pallet or platform can be packaged together, saving size and cost

This is the main transport costs. This problem is very important if you are going to export by container. A standard 40-foot container, if the four-spill spill pallet pallet can not be set, a box, can only be installed 40; spill pallet to be able to suit, you can install 300-400, the gap is too great.,

12, how to deal with leakage of liquid? Do not install a drain valve?,

The drain valve makes it easy to drain all the liquid in the sump. Most of the leaked liquid can be reused directly. So easy to use.,

13, oil drums spill spill how to drain pallet or drain on the platform? Is it a mechanical forklift? Or a hydraulic car? Or the general manual oil drums car? Is not to support a slope?,

With a mechanical forklift, it is relatively simple, no slope. But if it is manual handling oil drums to oil spill pallet or platform, it must be supporting the corresponding slope.,

14, the economic considerations. Under normal circumstances, spill spill platform than oil spill pallet cheaper. There is also an economical drain pallet which can be placed on a wooden pallet or plastic pallet and can be operated with a forklift. His price is lower. This from the budget to consider. Of course, need to choose high-quality, high-quality in large ways means that long service life. ,

15, consider the selected spill pallet and spill leakage platform belongs to the overall quality of the brand (the overall mechanical strength, spill leakage volume, whether the non-slip grille safety fixed but very easy to remove, pallet design is reasonable, whether oil-resistant chemical materials Corrosion, color, pallet is sufficient security), whether through the authority of the detection, compliance with the standards are professional, to choose the brand in the industry's status, product life. For example, the height of the pallet should be 4 weeks higher than the inside of the grille, so the oil drum is not easy to slide out. Yellow color is a warning color, very appropriate. Black ugly, not eye-catching. Picky people pay attention to this.

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